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Sat Nam Beautiful Souls. My name is Dilraj Kaur and I have been practising yoga for over a decade.  I was introduced to Kundalini yoga in 2008 and learned quickly why KY is ‘The Mother of All Yoga’ as it transformed my life.  I am also a Secondary School teacher, I trained in inner London in 2009, where I taught for 5 years. When I met my husband, we made a conscious decision to strive for a peaceful, balanced and meditative lifestyle.  After living in London for 26 years, in 2014 we moved to a village in Peterborough and I have been teaching in Bourne since. 


I have taught KY in Sikh camps and meditative retreats over the years.  I am continuing my teacher training for Kundalini Yoga with Karam Kriya School in London.  My teachers Angad Kaur and Shiv Charan are World leaders in Kundalini Yoga.  In August 2019 I will be staying in the Ashram of Karam Kriya School (Portugal) to further my understanding and knowledge of Kundalini Yoga.  


Kundalini Yoga practises many mantras originating within the Sikh Scriptures. My soul has been born into ‘Sikh’ lineage, which translates to learner and disciple. I strive and seek for; a deeper understanding of balance, love and neutrality in my life.  My discipline resides in learning true knowledge from my Gurus, Kundalini Yoga and singing mantras with my guitar and Husband. My Husband and I fell in love through our love of music. We immerse in Sikh devotional singing which is rooted in the heart of Kundalini Yoga. We also sing at Sikh events, weddings and retreats.  As a teacher I feel inspired to share love and unity with my students through Kundalini yoga and music.


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